To get the best out of someone, give them your best, and be willing to do the very thing you ask. The best leaders are the ones that lead by supporting others. ~kenji

New Age Narcissists, Money & Manifesting

There seems to be a breed of new age/’spiritual’ people that embrace a way of being that seems to ignore the need for self-reliance and the ability to hold a ‘Big Picture’ view of relating to humanity when it comes to money/finances Why this is...

the Rhythm of Sea ->

A Wise Teacher from the Ocean is Kelp… Showing us how to Move through Life. Kelp easily Moves with the Rise and Fall of the Tides. When the Waves come, Big and Small, it is pushed upon the rocks, Simply responding by… Dancing… with Fluidity and Grace. Accepting… each...

Lessons ->

This moment maybe I am the teacher The next moment I am your student Again, the teacher Again, the student And so it goes… With gratitude ~kenji


I like You … when you are the saint … when you are the sinner … or whatever other version of you that shows up along the way. Actually, I Really like the raw, unprocessed person that grows in your own natural way…. Becoming The woo woo &...