Until ->

Getting Over Someone, or Something, …is Hard… …until…, it isn’t ~kenji

the Rhythm of Sea ->

A Wise Teacher from the Ocean is Kelp… Showing us how to Move through Life. Kelp easily Moves with the Rise and Fall of the Tides. When the Waves come, Big and Small, it is pushed upon the rocks, Simply responding by… Dancing… with Fluidity and Grace. Accepting… each...

Lessons ->

This moment maybe I am the teacher The next moment I am your student Again, the teacher Again, the student And so it goes… With gratitude ~kenji

Shades of Vampirism

Eyes closed, Running my tongue across skin, Subtly textured with goosebumps, Those as of a lover in the throws of passion, Pausing, Lost… Immersed in the moment as time holds its breath, Still, that is what I am, perfectly still, All the while holding the flesh...