In The Flow..

So I will stay here at Esalen in Big Sur, CA… I have been accepted to the 1 year work-study program at Esalen and I am excited (with some trepidation) and look forward to a year of growth plus living in community while working & settling back into my body as well as growing from the inside out… digging deep in a place that allows it.

by the Sea,
by the Land,
by the People.

It is way past the time for me to regroup. I’ve shared precious little of the turbulent past year. I feel beaten and tired but definitely not defeated. The hard times have produced wondrous growth and lessons that will be the foundation for my next adventures in life. Already the stage is set with new folk that have already crossed my path reinforcing the value of interdependence.

I am hoping some will choose to visit as it is a great place to see (so contact me if you’re up for it) When I finally do leave.., I hope to bring a contagious loving attitude and energy to all encounter.

I look forward to where my feet will land next (possibly Japan, HI, CA-SF, AZ & OR) and have high hopes of meeting many of you face to face so I can truly know you beyond the cyber & energetic connection we already have. I will have spotty access to the internet here at Esalen so if you want to connect via that avenue, please be patient.

—> I truly have LOVE for those I have connected with as fellow sojourners on this planet.

Take care, and, namaste
(which as I understand it means the god in me acknowledges and recognizes the god in you)


Shades of Vampirism

Eyes closed,
Running my tongue across skin,
Subtly textured with goosebumps,
Those as of a lover in the throws of passion,
Immersed in the moment as time holds its breath,
Still, that is what I am, perfectly still,
All the while holding the flesh between my teeth,
Feeling its taunting plump resistance,
That hesitation just before my teeth pierce flesh
Finally yielding that which lies beneath,
Filling my mouth with a flavor that compares to none.
Sweet Ecstasy.


I love kumquats.

I feel Vampiresque upon first bite.
I was at a friends house and out her side door I espied a kumquat tree burdened with a multitude of the plump little orange orbs. Fortune shined that very day because she had no real affinity for my little friends and readily handed me a bag along with her blessing. I already see another visit on the near horizon. Maybe the moon will be full.