One pair of Shoes

She’s just one pair of shoes away from being a gypsy because that’s just the way she is. She moves, keeps on moving, in her body, in her life. Actually, that’s what I like most about her, and that’s what I hate about her. I love the sunlight on her skin, and how the...

Hold Love Loosely

Hold love loosely, yeah… that’s my motto. It’s been working for awhile. It’s beautiful, hold those you love loosely. Then…, if they go…, they go, having loved them fully while they were here. Except…, I haven’t ‘really’ loved since adopting this philosophy. I have...


Sultry eyes, pale skin Moonlit ocean beckoning Should have known better


What I was is gone Virgin eyes now, world anew Two year re-birthday


Man’s eye sees Sadie Camera’s eye sees afar Turtle’s eye sees life