Coming out

Well…, um…, err.., ok – I’ll just say it. I’m Bi….kinda
I now have a Mac…, and I’m still into my PC too.
Well… I guess I should have saw it coming…,
I like Coke and Pepsi (though I prefer Coke).
I’m looking forward to exploring my destiny in this new part of my life.

Recipe for kenji


1/2 cup pain
(Set the pain aside and let it age til it becomes wisdom – use anywhere during the process)

1 cup Spirit
1 cup compassion
3/4 cup destiny
1/2 cup He
1/4 cup She
1/4 cup spirit creature
2 tablespoon primal beast
1 tablespoon insecurity
Dash of ‘this guy is a dog’
Dash of selfishness
A scoop of pure honey

Optional Ingredients (double batch):
Add a complete She with complementary ingredients already contained
(For the double batch: fold together all those ingredients and cover with a soft cloth)

Mix the rest of the ingredients as they are needed in proportion to circumstance.
Stir occasionally. Let simmer at times and will boil occasionally but always ends up tender.
Most times things turn out just fine

—–> Please share ‘your’ recipe <—–


The universe conspires

The universe conspires

The universe conspires
Another day passes, and then again.

Another day passes, and then again,
A comment here and there,
Signs of a new road ready to be taken
Been down new roads before but I’m comfy(?)

Another day passes, and then again
New roads can be’, interesting. Hmmm’
Dusty desires once aslumber are now awake.
Oh yeah, I remember that.

Another day passes, and then again,
No! Close your eyes, jump and do it!
Complacent fool, You have before
New roads ARE exciting, you simply forgot

Another day passes, and then again
A week! I am four again filled with wide-eyed wonder.
Tactile and spiritual. Alive and dancing with destiny.
Another day passes, it is new.