Once upon a time I would hear people speak of Spring Fever and thought WTF?
But then…
On a balmy day (feeling as if lifetimes ago), not too long together with my love, the atmosphere rested heavy on my shoulders, as if Atlas bearing the Earth, a restlessness arose from my core. The desire to ride the steed of dreams was overwhelming. Duty and responsibility barely held me at bay. Never forgotten this soul’s urge.

Unannounced, Unexpected and Haunting, these winds of change have returned again & again to caress and sing their siren song of seduction to me igniting times of great restlessness

Now, especially as of late, they have again returned but things are different. I have discovered that the tethers that held me in times past have aged, and, with little effort and a lot of faith will simply fall away.

This time I very well may dance the dervish of change with these familiar spirits