Memory Lane

Family Tradition…

My mom grew up in Germany and my dad imported her 😉

The one meal that was an all time family favorite in my home was:

Pork Roast
Spaetzle Noodles w/ Gravy
& German Potato Salad

It doesn’t matter if you know what those foods are, just let me say they are delicious

Anyway, Deb – my roommate discovered that this was an all time favorite of mine (& the family as a whole). So for my ‘birthday dinner’ she stepped up to the task of trying to replicate ‘moms’ cooking. I am counting my blessings
Mom would be proud, plus,
I was way stuffed after wolfing down far too much of these great grinds

To my siblings:
nah, nah ,nah , nah, nah!
um…, er…, I mean – I’m sorry you missed out, wish you were here 🙂

with gratitude



I like You

… when you are the saint
… when you are the sinner
… or whatever other version
of you that shows up along the way.

I Really like the raw,
unprocessed person
that grows in your own natural way….


The woo woo & and its people will disappoint you,
Narcissism & the folk who wear it will disappoint you,
Whatever flavor of life or person you meet will disappoint you in some way
As it is human nature.

Become like a dancer…
with your life.
Along the way you will meet Fred Astaires
who’ll make magic with you
And you will meet Frankensteins who’ll crush you…
for a time

It is hard,
It is beautiful,
It is wondrous to see
It is what it is.

These are the experiences that make you…


I like You


Winds of Change

The winds of change are stirring the air about me,
…and things are moving – a dance of a different energy
I believe the Universe is conspiring (in a good way)
It reminds me of the moods of Esalen
My curiosity is up as to what will unfold

Bali, Japan & Beyond

It was around this time last year that I left the dolphins of Big Island for Japan, and…, ultimately – Bali. I’m really missing it. Travel is a tiring affair but the jewels found in the process make it worth it

My 2 weeks in Japan were very busy. The first 2 pit stops were in Tokyo and Kyoto on my way to Matsuyama (not so very far from Hiroshima). My stay in Matsuyama was all about doing sessions, a combination of bodywork and teaching (life coach). I completed 18 sessions in 5 days (with another 4 in the following week). After Matsuyama, it was on to Osaka where I stayed with a sweet woman who taught traditional Japanese weaving (on a loom). It was another new way to be in the moment. I really enjoyed it but it was off to the airport and on to Bali.

Wow, Bali…. I couldn’t stop smiling for a week. It was natural… there something about the energy of the place and it’s Magical Rice Fields. I was there to take a dance facilitation workshop and a month long workshop to add to my Esalen Massage certification training so that I could get their piece of paper saying that I did it, then I could hang on the wall with my others. most of my time was spent near Ubud at Ananda Cottages which as the universe would have it, got me an awesome room.

Anyway… Bali & Japan are in my blood now and I hope to return sometime this year. If not, then I hope to bring them to me in Hawaii. During this year, as I build an energetic anchor (home base) here in Kauai, I hope to create a healing space for myself and any who would venture here



Seems like as I continue to refine my personal definition of spirituality, I see a lot of the patriarchal leanings still exist in organized religions. Its like… the penis is supposed to be the ‘rod of wisdom’.
I’ve got one… and trust me, it isn’t.

Be the religion:

Dude-ist… (aka Buddhist)
Him-Du… (aka Hindu)
Christ-Him… (aka Christian)
other Man-stream Religions (mainstream)

Don’t get me wrong, I have more in common with the first two as they’re a closer match to my own philosophy but in the ‘organized part’ – they still have heavy leanings toward the patriarchal (masculine). This mystifies me so many agree that it takes both Yin & Yang (feminine & masculine) to achieve any semblance of balance.

I’d love to see an opening of arms toward the re-emerging goddess (feminine) energy so that it comes into our conscious as a gradual integration rater than having to reach the strength of a tsunami to create change. Either way will effect the needed change but the turbulence of a such wave can be rough on those who are unprepared.

So awakening goddesses, dance a new dance with the masculine, one of power coupled with grace, seduction with wisdom and knowledge with nurturing giving birth to a new world


Missile Intercept Test -Kauai

Aloha everyone,

Please take a couple minutes to forward this far and wide. The world needs to know exactly how far the Navy has taken its privilege of being on Kauai…it is devastating.

Juan Wilson’s piece (below) has extracted the essence of a 365 page Navy DEIS (Draft Environmental Impact Statement) It is not a very long reading but he has done a lot of the work for us so PLEASE read it through.

I hope visitors and people with good web access abilities can get this information out to as many contacts as possible. The Nation Magazine, Democracy Now, etc. would be good venues to expose the business-as-usual attitude the Navy has in its plans for destruction of our homelands.

Coming out

Well…, um…, err.., ok – I’ll just say it. I’m Bi….kinda
I now have a Mac…, and I’m still into my PC too.
Well… I guess I should have saw it coming…,
I like Coke and Pepsi (though I prefer Coke).
I’m looking forward to exploring my destiny in this new part of my life.