Footprints on porch

My Porch
My eyes flutter and sleep decides to leave me
I hurt a little, but today’s not so bad
I make my coffee, my way, just right
I stand out on my porch, barefoot, in my favorite nitie
leaning against the rail, just as my mother did

I await the morning come in that time
before the sun rises and the heat comes
a gentle breeze dances through my hair
Mmm, It feels good, reminds me of the ocean
I greet the new day and am at peace
while I think of those I love by name

Jessica, my kindred spirit, who will make it through all
Brianna, my go-getter, who blossoms more and more each day
Kurtis, My little man-grown, he will be a man of steel and velvet
Sarah, my delight, who makes us all laugh and smile
and the child we all have yet to see

Donnie, my first, far away, waiting to breathe free air
Kenny, my slow poke, now busy, healing, and looking forward
Stevie, my doctor, steadfast, strong and with great heart
Cindy, my friend, who after many trials, has finally arrived.

Things are as they should be right now
I feel great love and pride for them all
I think I’ll go inside and do some crosswords
or maybe just lay down and sleep a little