You chose me,
and I didn’t know…
We passed each other,
and I didn’t know…

I look for reprieve from the day people
at the pools, at sunset – there you were
Simple silence, simple conversation
I rub your feet. I notice your youth, I notice your ease
You channel Universal Mother & cradle me to your chest
I let go ,
the sun lets go the day,
both floating in the moment
We let go the sweet connection,
don clothing and go our own ways

You chose me and almost walked away
Telling yourself stories that were not true
Yet you found a boldness,
daring the danger of being rude
to break, the spell of my silence
With our conversation
we weave baskets that begin to take form
Duties, not sunset draw you away
a parting promise to weave some more

I saw you and almost walked away
You busy and animated in your circle tribe
roundabout a campfire of food
I found a braveness,
at least as much as to catch your eye
You ready smile ignited hope as you casually disengaged
This time conversation, our baskets grew more intricate
becoming a bridge over our twice attempts
at leaving

We meander paths & trees to my abode
perch ourselves atop pillows,
sultans of the night
You we’re not greedy, nor was I
so our lips first touch
were as butterflies to flower petals
til the gravity of desire
press them together
as if the astronauts
hurtling toward the unknown

Laying spent amidst our pillow throne,
roles reversed from our first meet
You chose me, I chose you, we chose…
You lay glove perfect in the cradle of my arm,
As we stare through the portal to the sky
Rain has begun to fall,
above our heads,
one thousand wood nymphs
dance their approval