about kenji

My journey into the healing arts began in February of 2003 when I wrecked my motorcycle leading to a year of recovery. This event significantly changed my life’s path on many levels. It left me in a wheelchair for a time. From there I graduated to a walker to crutches and finally a cane. These days all of that is pretty much history… though my body still occasionally reminds me of what it went through. During the process of recovery and the retraining of an altered leg, I gained a great respect for the workings of the human body with its amazing healing abilities.

I was no longer able to continue in my previous career track but it was almost by ‘coincidence’ the opportunity to pursue Massage Therapy crossed my path. I graduated in May of 2005 becoming Certified Massage Therapist (CMT). The healing arts quickly proved to be a great match for my interests and needs. My massage training has involved several bodywork techniques culminating into my own distinctive style called Reconnective Massage

While in massage school I met a few spiritual teachers disguised as massage teachers. This combined with compassionate touch having become an integral part of my life, it ignited in me a passion to assist others through their own healing process exploring the whole world of
human and spiritual potential encompassing the whole being, the Human Trinity

Since then life has unfolded in an incredible way guided by many influences so that an emphasis on movement has been added to the way I move though life. My movement training has concentrated on ecstatic dance. In other words, dancing from the inside out, an authentic movement practice. It has become meditation in motion. Other movement practices that have influenced my life is Silat (Balinese martial art) and Feldenkrais movement

People are drawn to me when it comes to pursuing life in a whole new way and I have found myself in places I never suspected I’d be (Japan, Bali & Hawaii) and those lands and their peoples keep calling me back