Memory Lane

Family Tradition…

My mom grew up in Germany and my dad imported her 😉

The one meal that was an all time family favorite in my home was:

Pork Roast
Spaetzle Noodles w/ Gravy
& German Potato Salad

It doesn’t matter if you know what those foods are, just let me say they are delicious

Anyway, Deb – my roommate discovered that this was an all time favorite of mine (& the family as a whole). So for my ‘birthday dinner’ she stepped up to the task of trying to replicate ‘moms’ cooking. I am counting my blessings
Mom would be proud, plus,
I was way stuffed after wolfing down far too much of these great grinds

To my siblings:
nah, nah ,nah , nah, nah!
um…, er…, I mean – I’m sorry you missed out, wish you were here 🙂

with gratitude



I like You

… when you are the saint
… when you are the sinner
… or whatever other version
of you that shows up along the way.

I Really like the raw,
unprocessed person
that grows in your own natural way….


The woo woo & and its people will disappoint you,
Narcissism & the folk who wear it will disappoint you,
Whatever flavor of life or person you meet will disappoint you in some way
As it is human nature.

Become like a dancer…
with your life.
Along the way you will meet Fred Astaires
who’ll make magic with you
And you will meet Frankensteins who’ll crush you…
for a time

It is hard,
It is beautiful,
It is wondrous to see
It is what it is.

These are the experiences that make you…


I like You