1/2 cup pain
(Set the pain aside and let it age til it becomes wisdom – use anywhere during the process)

1 cup Spirit
1 cup compassion
3/4 cup destiny
1/2 cup He
1/4 cup She
1/4 cup spirit creature
2 tablespoon primal beast
1 tablespoon insecurity
Dash of ‘this guy is a dog’
Dash of selfishness
A scoop of pure honey

Optional Ingredients (double batch):
Add a complete She with complementary ingredients already contained
(For the double batch: fold together all those ingredients and cover with a soft cloth)

Mix the rest of the ingredients as they are needed in proportion to circumstance.
Stir occasionally. Let simmer at times and will boil occasionally but always ends up tender.
Most times things turn out just fine

—–> Please share ‘your’ recipe <—–