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Rights ->

Don’t like Gay Marriages ….. Don’t get one
Don’t like abortions ….. Don’t have one
Don’t like sex ….. Don’t do it
Don’t like drugs ….. Don’t do them
Don’t like porn ….. Don’t watch it
Don’t like alcohol ….. Don’t drink it
Don’t like guns ….. Don’t buy one
Don’t like your rights taken away…?
… then don’t take away someone else’s!


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Churches ->

We do not want schools,
they will teach us to have churches.
We do not want churches,
they will teach us to quarrel about God.
We do not want to learn that.
We may quarrel with men sometimes
about things on this earth,
but we never quarrel about God.
We do not want to learn that

~Chief Joseph (Nez Perce Tribe)


Look Around… ->

What is the point of Progress if the food is tasteless, the housing absurd, the clothing uncomfortable, the religion just talk, the air poisoned by Cadillacs, the work boring, the sex uptight and mechanical, the earth clobbered with concrete, and the water so chemicalized that even the fish are abandoning existence?

~ Alan Watts

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Seems like as I continue to refine my personal definition of spirituality, I see a lot of the patriarchal leanings still exist in organized religions. Its like… the penis is supposed to be the ‘rod of wisdom’.
I’ve got one… and trust me, it isn’t.
Be the religion:

Dude-ist… (aka Buddhist)
Him-Du… (aka Hindu)
Christ-Him… (aka Christian)
other Man-stream Religions (mainstream)

Don’t get me wrong, I have more in common with the first two as they’re a closer match to my own philosophy but in the ‘organized part’ – they still have heavy leanings toward the patriarchal (masculine). This mystifies me so many agree that it takes both Yin & Yang (feminine & masculine) to achieve any semblance of balance.

I’d love to see an opening of arms toward the re-emerging goddess (feminine) energy so that it comes into our conscious as a gradual integration rater than having to reach the strength of a tsunami to create change. Either way will effect the needed change but the turbulence of a such wave can be rough on those who are unprepared.

So awakening goddesses, dance a new dance with the masculine, one of power coupled with grace, seduction with wisdom and knowledge with nurturing giving birth to a new world


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