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I watched a Leaf fall today
and wondered how it felt
as it let go… its Life

Was there fear when it broke free
from its very connection to Life…?
Its fall was gentle, nearly flying – before
finally coming to rest gently on the ground

In its Afterlife, it would feed the Earth
as it had given new air to the Sky

I imagined its first budding
and then unfolding to the Sun

It captured the Sun’s rays
and passed them through itself,
Seemingly just a servant,
destined to feed the Tree.

I realized that the Tree also
was a servant to the Leaf
pulling nourishment from below
and it too passed it through itself

Neither really had a…
greater importance
one touched the Sky,
and one touched the Earth

Life is what happened
in between the Sky and the Earth
a whole world, a whole Universe
Interconnected in ways ignored or unknown

Thank you Leaf
You reminded me to be grateful
in serving, in receiving
in all that touches me


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At your self’s ending
Your life storm at crescendo
Then comes surrender

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I like You

I like You
… when you are the saint
… when you are the sinner
… or whatever other version of you that shows up along the way.
I Really like the raw, unprocessed person that grows in your own natural way….  becoming

The woo woo & and its people will disappoint you,
Narcissism & the folk who wear it will disappoint you,
Whatever flavor of life or person you meet
will disappoint you in some way
As it is human nature.

Become like a dancer…
with your life.
Along the way you will meet Fred Astaires
who’ll make magic with you
And you will meet Frankensteins who’ll crush you…
for a time

It is hard,
It is beautiful,
It is wondrous to see
It is what it is.

These are the experiences that make you…


I like You

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Not Ripe Yet

Seen through youths crazed glass
This day filled with angry words
Awaiting his spring

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Verbal Rustlings

Said student of Zen
Boasts of self with words falling
Like dead autumn leaves

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