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Coming Together

To survive you’ve got to depend on each other,
that’s the way. If we didn’t get along a long time ago,
and if the people didn’t agree and come together
and help one another, we wouldn’t have survived the hardships.
So, we have to learn to bring that back.
We have to learn how to put our differences aside
rather than getting into “this person has more money”
or “that person has more money”,
or, “this person has more knowledge”
or “that person has more knowledge”.
We have to learn to get along.
We don’t have time to be arguing and putting each other down,
there’s no time for that anymore

~Nathan Chasing Horse – Lakota (via Aurora Meadow Sosa)

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Fully Human ->

It’s also helpful to realize that
this very body that we have,
that’s sitting right here right now…
with its aches and it pleasures…
is exactly what we need to be
fully human, fully awake, fully alive

~Pema Chodron

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Consent ->

Bee and flower

No one can make you feel inferior…

without your consent

~ Eleanor Roosevelt

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I like You

... when you are the saint
... when you are the sinner
... or whatever other version
of you that shows up along the way.

I Really like the raw,
unprocessed person
that grows in your own natural way....


The woo woo & and its people will disappoint you,
Narcissism & the folk who wear it will disappoint you,
Whatever flavor of life or person you meet will disappoint you in some way
As it is human nature.

Become like a dancer...
with your life.
Along the way you will meet Fred Astaires
who'll make magic with you
And you will meet Frankensteins who'll crush you...
for a time

It is hard,
It is beautiful,
It is wondrous to see
It is what it is.

These are the experiences that make you...


I like You


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Human Touch

Human Touch

Its been over a year and a half
Since someone has been in my life.

I miss the human touch, plain and simple
In passing,
In resting,
In intimacy

I miss the taste of words as they pass my lips
In conversations,
Expressions of the heart

I miss the company of a kindred spirit
Seeing what I see
Hearing what I hear
The exchange of energies

I look forward to the time
When a She again enters my life.


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