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This is life ->

The sun comes up every day,
The sun goes down every day,
Life fills the space between.
Going with the flow,
Doing what is natural,
Letting life unfold,
‘good’ or ‘bad’…
It doesn’t matter,
It is where life is juiciest,
and ultimately the most fulfilling.
A tree knows this.
A dog knows this.
We just need to remember it.
This is life.
This is living


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Authentic Spirituality ->

The function of authentic spirituality
is not to provide security and solace,
but to encourage the seeker to venture out
on the lonely and difficult path of self-knowledge.
So do not be intimidated.
Have confidence in your own spiritual potentiality,
your ability to find your own unique way

~John Snelling

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Freaks ->

The old ways are dead.
And you need people around you who concur.
That means hanging out more with the creative people,
the freaks, the real visionaries, than you’re already doing.
Thinking more about what their needs are,
and responding accordingly.
Avoid the dullards; avoid the folk who play it safe.
They can’t help you any more.
Their stability model no longer offers that much stability.
They are extinct, they are extinction

~Hugh Macleod


Destiny ->

Each person comes into this world with a specific destiny...
you have something to fulfill,
some message to be delivered,
some work to be completed.

You are not here accidentally, you are here meaningfully.
There is purpose behind you.
The whole intends to do something through you.



Coming out

Well…, um…, err.., ok – I’ll just say it. I’m Bi….kinda
I now have a Mac…, and I’m still into my PC too.
Well… I guess I should have saw it coming…,
I like Coke and Pepsi (though I prefer Coke).
I’m looking forward to exploring my destiny in this new part of my life.

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