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To be alone is to be different,
to be different is to be alone

~Suzanne Gordon

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Last step

happy hour

Today I completed my CPR training
Last Saturday I received notice that I PASSED my Hawaii state massage exam
Some photocopies, a little (more) money, an envelope & a stamp is about all that is between me and my Hawaii massage license
Yay – time for a lil dancing along with some gratitude

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25 random things (I never do these…)

Rules: Once you’ve read this, you are supposed to blog your own with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. it’s because I want to know more about you. Hopefully people will blog their own 25 random things
I was born & raised in California and lived there most of my life (and yes, I did inhale). Now I’m in Hawaii

For summer school for classes I took rock climbing and the next summer it was backpacking, ahh – the good old days (loved those Tang screwdrivers)

I was in 2 or 3 high school musicals but the leads kept getting in the way of my fame

I was in the navy but I hated it so I went awol, afterward we agreed it was best that we part company, so we did.

2003 was a bad year (but maybe there were some good wines… I dunno) I wreaked my motorcycle coming within an inch of moving on to the next life. Shortly after graduating from wheelchair and walker to crutches I sprained my ‘good’ ankle negotiating some stairs which reintroduced me to Mr.
Walker & Mr. Wheelchair. It took a year to get this Humpty Dumpty back together again. To top it all off my mother died so I think you’ll understand why I call it the year of living a country song. It was the best thing that ever happened to me.

I used to have my own business with two houses but lost it all after my wreck, and…. I’m happier now

I always wanted to be a pilot, am certified scuba diver, have my contractors’ license and had my real estate license. Stay tuned for what’s next

I taught MacGyver everything he knew (ok, not really but actually I’m pretty damn clever) so I might be handy to have around after a plane wreck, which leads to…

I love watching Lost

I couldn’t swim til I was about 12 but have always loved dolphins, real ones, not the football team (but I’m sure they’re a great bunch of fellows)

Sadly, I was born without the ‘sports’ gene though I was on the football team for a season (my position was “Left Out”)

I’ve been accused of being a lesbian in a man’s body, hmmmm, maybe I am

Fortunately, this last year I finally found the woman of my dreams (and she’s not a lesbian), Unfortunately…, she is with someone else.

I had an AVM in my brain that was reduced in size after two bouts of radiation. I looked like a cat with the mange after treatments. I even shaved my head. To some – this explains alot

I’m not really into cats (especially ones with the mange or that look like it – oh, and what’s with all the attitude) Besides I’m not grown up enough for other pets

But I do have two daughters that amaze me. They even survived childhood with me. They’re better than pets. When I grow up, I want to be like them

Ok, actually three daughters. I was a sperm donor for a lovely couple but I am not part of her life 🙁

I used to go to church, religiously… so now I don’t throw rocks, I just listen to rock instead

I love music but I’m not particularly into jazz or cRAP. Country is for road trips

I used to hate dancing but now I understand that it is a moving meditation that helps bring you into the moment that is NOW.

A couple years back I grew out my hair, and then I had dreadlocks (recently cut off in a personal ceremony by the ocean). Now I’m growing out my hair and it’s crazy – curly

I used to be pierced more than once

I get excited when good things happen to other people. I also get excited when good things happen to me

Quite often I am a life coach for others, it’s by accident – it just happens

I believe in destiny. I don’t believe you can make a wrong choice, it’s just another way to get where you are goin

So there you have it

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The universe conspires

The universe conspires

The universe conspires
Another day passes, and then again.

Another day passes, and then again,
A comment here and there,
Signs of a new road ready to be taken
Been down new roads before but I’m comfy(?)

Another day passes, and then again
New roads can be’, interesting. Hmmm’
Dusty desires once aslumber are now awake.
Oh yeah, I remember that.

Another day passes, and then again,
No! Close your eyes, jump and do it!
Complacent fool, You have before
New roads ARE exciting, you simply forgot

Another day passes, and then again
A week! I am four again filled with wide-eyed wonder.
Tactile and spiritual. Alive and dancing with destiny.
Another day passes, it is new.


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